Q: When is your next book coming out?

A. I hope to have my new book The Fortitude Of Prudence out in November 2018.

Q. How are you inspired?

A. Honestly? They (the characters) are in my head and have always been there. They drive me crazy until I push back by writing it down. Then (sometimes) they leave me alone for awhile. Some are more adamant than others. Some sit quietly in the background and wait patiently for my attention. Mordecia, on the other hand, insist on being heard.

Q. How do you find time to write?

A. I make time. I try to sit at my computer at the same time every day for about the same amount of time every day. The writing is easy; everything else is difficult.

Q. Are you crazy?

A. I’ve been called worse.

Q. Are you happy?

A. Implicitly (sad is happy for deep people) 🙂  If you knew me, you would get it.

Q. Was there particular inspiration for Mordecia?

A. Yes, of course! I know of whom I was thinking. I’d prefer to know whom you think he resembles. If you tell me what you think, I’ll tell you if you see the same person (actor) as I do.

Q. Are you Prudence?

A. Holy crap! What a question. The short answer is: No. Prudence is her own person (and a very lucky girl, if I do say so myself). I think every writer gives a piece of themselves to all their characters.

Q. How do I get in touch with you?